X-LEAGUE is weekly race series for all abilities on local roads and trails.

Each week, you will have between 40 minutes to an hour to visit as many checkpoints as possible.

Choose any time to complete the race.

Whenever works for your schedule.

Plan a route and distance works best for you.

As soon as you finish, your score is uploaded and you can compare your score against everyone else

Please be aware it can take UP TO 24 hours for your to receive course details. We need to manually check your waiver has been completed correctly.

Family Registration: If you are running as a family all together, you only need to pay one fee.

Only one name is required in registration, but ALL members who are participating must complete a waiver.

If you a group running together, but wish to all have your names on the results list, you need to pay for a separate fee each.


Hamilton Winter

Entire season (10 races): $50

For those just finding out about the X-League. This is all 10 of the Fall season races in one package. If you already did the Fall season, this package is not for you!

Barrie Winter

Entire Season (4 races)

$40 Adults/Family, $20 youth

Hamilton Spring

Entire Season (10 races)

$100 Adults/Family, $50 youth

Single Race

$12 Adult/Family, $6 youth



All locations subject to change.

The exact location of the start location each week will be mailed out to participants. The locations listed below are a rough guideline.

Hamilton Winter

Week 1: Highlands Garden Park

Week 2: Ancaster

Week 3: Dundas

Week 4: Lions Valley

Week 5: West Mountain

Week 6: Waterdown

Week 7: Glenwood Heights

Week 8: Kings Forest

Week 9: Tyandaga

Week 10: Chedoke

Barrie Winter

Race #1: Hickling Trail

Race #2: Sandy Hollow

Race #3: Copeland Hills

Race #4: Dufferin County Forest

Hamilton Spring

March 14: Gatesbury Park, Waterdown

March 21: Pier 8, Hamilton

March 28: Mohawk Meadows Park, Ancaster

April 11: Dundas Driving Park, Dundas

April 18: Shell Park, Oakville

April 25: Princess Point, Hamilton

May 2: Shawinigan Park, Hamilton

May 9: Colonel William Woods Parkette, Oakville

May 16: Olympic Park, Hamilton

May 30: Ancaster Aquatic Centre, Ancaster


1. Sign Up Online

Sign up for the whole season or just this weeks race via registration links above.

2. Complete Waiver

After you have signed up, sign the online waiver:

For adults

For minors

Once completed this waiver covers ALL 2021 Dontgetlost races.

3. Install MapRunF App

This App will track you as you run, register every checkpoint you visit and immediately upload your score after you finish the race.

4. Wait for the race email

Each week on Monday, we will email out a pdf of the map along with some basic instructions (start location, specific race details)


But I can't read a map

No problem, the MapRunF app will show you where you are at all times during the run! Just like a car GPS system.

I don't have a smartphone

Do you have a GPS enabled watch? If so, you can use that instead. After your race email use your GPS track and we will add you to the results.

I want to buy the whole season pass, but may miss a week

That's fine, for the overall results we will count your best 10 races, so missing one or two won't be a problem

What do the minutes after for each race mean?

That's the race time limit. You need to be back to the finish line by that time or you start losing points!

How many people in a Family can run together?

As many as you like! However if you are splitting your family into smaller groups (ie one parent each with a different kid), we ask you to purchase two family passes, that way you will be able to have both 'teams' on the results board!

Do I have to print out the map?

Not at all, many run with just the app running on their device. We still recommend printing it out to plan your course - being able to see the whole thing make planning easier.


Hamilton/Burlington businesses who want to sponsor this series, get in touch - we'd love to hear from you!


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